Virtual Assistants: How Much For Their Services

July 25, 2016

Small business owners may resort to virtual assistants if they lack the time or certain skills to run their business operations alone. A virtual assistant’s skills are not limited to proofreading, word-processing and data entry. They can be relied to perform tasks that require greater skills with corresponding pay upgrades.

A question often asked is: What are their usual prescribed pay rates? One website conducted a survey, and we share with you its estimates for the different virtual assistant skills.

1. Real Estate Assistants – all around VA’s perform typing up and designing flyers, posting pictures and information on websites and occasionally, make calls to either the homeowner or potential homebuyers, and they may also be responsible for drawing up the legal paperwork when the house is sold. The pay rate is $75-$150 an hour; other assistants charge $40-$55 an hour.

2. Accounting/Bookkeeping Assistants – required tasks involve preparation of payroll and other financial statements for processing; some include taking charge of business financial goals and spread-sheet design. Salary is $54,000 annually if full time.

3. Editing/Proofreading Assistants – the assistant will proofread and edit presentations or pamphlets before these documents are sent for printing. The average salary for editors and proofreaders is$30,000 average if full time.

4. Executive Assistants – VA’s tasks include Internet research, editing, database creation and over-all receptionist work. Salary is $50,000 annually on average, if full time.

5. Medical Transcription Assistants – skilled virtual assistants transfer information on patient charts to a medical code that is readable by insurance companies. They send the information back to the hospital or clinic. Pay rate is $10-$20 an hour, but skilled ones make even more.

6. Graphic Design Assistants – the assistants are “on call” with several different companies which specify strong skills in design and in design software. Pay rate is $40 an hour, although designers with strong skills could make over $200 an hour.

7. Website Design Assistants- the assistants work for various companies updating websites as needed. They may also host a server for their clients to take care of all their needs. Website designers must be skilled in design and some “computer languages” like html. Pay rate is $150-$200 per hour.

8. Translating Assistants -VA’s receive documents that needs to be translated into another language from the business, and returns the documents after translation. Pay rate is $15-$25 an hour, but others can make more depending on how many languages they know and their fluency in those languages.

9. Legal Assistants – their job is to research for and fill out legal documents. At times, they may be required to do some documentation for the Law Firms for which they work. Average salary $96,000 a year.

10. Marketing Assistants- they are in charge of everything from thinking up new slogans to posting advertisements online. They must have creative skills and sales skills. Average annual salary is $60,000 or more.

If the above rates are not within your budget, you may post the needed services at help wanted sites. Contractors may view your posts and bid for the jobs. Alternatively, you may engage an outsourcing company to choose and qualify your virtual assistants.